Summer Cooler Drink with the goodness of cucumber and fresh herbs, zesty flavour of the lemon, sweetness from honey makes an excellent and refreshing drink anytime, mainly, during summers. It helps to detoxify, fights constipation, purifies blood, boost immunity and increases energy levels. It also aids in weight loss and digestion. Use fresh herbs and organic cucumber for preparing this drink.

Cucumber with Mint, Coriander leaves and a touch of lemon, rock-salt, pepper and honey is a delight. Best to have it early morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before break-fast, once in a week. Do not grate the cucumber as the juice from the cucumber will be lost. Use fresh green leaves of mint and coriander; discard any wilted ones. You can substitute with parsley for coriander leaves. A pinch of pepper gives depth of flavour to this refreshing drink. I have strained it coz’ I love to drink it that way; however, do not strain the juice for a healthy version so that the fibre will be retained. You can substitute honey with sugar or agave nectar or can skip it out. Most importantly, it’s very delicious and has to be consumed immediately chilled or at room temperature.

Fresh cucumber, mint, coriander leaves juice with a pinch of pepper, tangy taste from the lemon makes a deliciously flavourful and cool refreshing drink.

total time : 15-20 mins, cuisine : indian, author : gloria


1/2 organic english cucumber or 2 persian cucumber
1/2 bunch mint leaves
1/2 bunch coriander leaves
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 cup spring water
honey as per taste
a pinch of crushed pepper
rock salt as per taste
few ice cubes


Wash mint and coriander leaves nicely. Peel and quarter cucumber.

In a blender, add cucumber, mint, coriander leaves and blend by adding spring water till smooth.

Now, hand-squeeze lemon juice into the drink along with honey, crushed pepper and rock salt; give a quick mix.

Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour the drink. Serve immediately and enjoy!

my observations/notes :

can substitute honey with agave nectar.


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