Yard long beans known as chawli in hindi and achinga payar in malayalam is a healthy and nutritious vegetable. Easy and very simple to make with minimal ingredients available in the kitchen. Thin, long and slender; it comes in 3 different colours, light green, dark green and purple. The dark green yard long beans is used here in this recipe. Back home, we use the light green ones which I feel is tastier. In case the beans are matured, tear open and use the seeds only. Choose firm, flexible, smooth with uniform green colour immature pods.

Here, I have snapped the beans; it can be chopped too. As my little boy watched me go snap, snap, snap, he was excited do it. I showed him once and was thrilled with his first successful achievement. He jumped up with joy, saying “Mumma Mumma, look I did it” and helped me to continue till the end, with his small talk and laughter.

There are different variations of yard long stir-fry. Sometimes, I prepare the same way by adding some coconut slivers and do the tempering (tadka) at the end or the chinese style with soy sauce, chilli sauce, chilli flakes and peanuts. It is also good to combine this vegetable with potato, cabbage or arbi and even pulses. I shall post all these recipes later.

I have seen my mum covering the pan with a plate having high sides; she adds little water on it whenever she has to cook vegetables or meat which takes longer duration. This is a healthy cooking process where the flavours are not only sealed but taste great; also it cooks evenly, using less oil and prevents from sticking at the bottom. If the water on the lid evaporates during cooking process, continue to add little more water till the vegetable is cooked till tender.

Today, am sharing a simple healthy version with the goodness of this humble vegetable and burst of heat from the green chillies; the spice level can be reduced as per preference.  Serrano chillies, red chili pepper or any spicy pepper can also be used instead of green chillies. Do not over cook the vegetable as it may become mushy and the flavour will be lost. Serve it with rotis or phulkas and  along side steamed rice and dal.

Simple and easy stir-fry with the chewy and flavourful texture of Yard long beans, burst of heat from the chillies cooked in a healthy way and enjoyed with rotis.

prep time :10 mins, cooking time : 20 mins, serves : 4, cuisine : indian, author : gloria


2 cups fresh long beans (snapped)

3 big or 5 small shallots

2 big or 3 small garlic cloves

5 nos green chillies

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1 1/2 tsp coconut oil

few curry leaves

salt to taste


Swish long beans in a large bowl of cold water and rinse it well. Trim off both ends and discard. Now, using the fingers, snap the vegetable into 2″ inch pieces; alternatively, can chop them too.

Crush shallots, garlic and green chillies in a mortar and pestle.

Into a pre-heated coconut oil, add curry leaves and the above crushed ingredients; stir fry till the raw smell leaves for 2-3 minutes and shallots turn translucent. Add turmeric powder. Mix.

Now, add the long beans, salt and give a quick stir. Place a plate with high sides on top of the saucepan, add little water and allow it to cook till tender (refer above notes).

Once cooked, remove the plate and stir-fry until all the moisture is completely evaporated on high heat for a two minutes.

Enjoy it with rotis or phulkas!

My observations/notes :

– have skipped curry leaves

– can also use 1 small onion instead of shallots

– adjust spice as per requirement

– can use any vegetable oil



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