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Serradura is a popular Portuguese dessert which means ‘sawdust’ – because the finely powdered marie biscuit resembles sawdust. It is a simple delicious dessert which can be done in a jiffy. It has mainly 4 main ingredients –Β marie biscuits, cream, condensed milk and vanilla; layered alternatively till it is set.

Here in this recipe, the biscuits are grinded into fine powder with a teaspoon of sugar. The cream is whipped to stiff peaks; then the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla are added to give sweetness to this wonderful biscuit pudding which is garnished with chocolate shavings. You can use fresh fruits or even glaze as garnish. The sweetness of this dessert can be increased as per personal preference.

Quick, simple and delicious pudding made with finely powdered marie biscuits with the sweetness of condensed milk, vanilla and enriched with heavy cream to satisfy sweet cravings anytime.

prep time : 10 mins + 4-5 hours to set, serves : 3-4, cuisine : portugal, author : gloria


16 marie biscuits

1 tsp sugar

200 ml heavy cream/whipping cream

pinch of salt

6-7 tbsp sweetened condensed milk (as per preference)

1 tsp vanilla extract

garnish of your choice – fruits, chocolate shavings, glaze etc..


Break the marie biscuits and place them in a food processor or mixie grinder and grind it along with sugar to a fine powder. Reserve.*

Put cream in a bowl. Add pinch of salt. Using a large whisk or an electric blender, start whipping/beating till soft peaks are obtained. Now, add condensed milk, vanilla extract and continue to whisk/beat till you get stiff peaks. Keep aside and start assembling the layers.**

To assemble :

Take a glass of your choice, arrange the biscuit layer evenly.*

Using a spoon, neatly put a uniform layer of cream mixture.**

Repeat process till the entire glass is filled and finish it with the biscuit layer on top.

Garnish it with chocolate shavings and refrigerate for 4-5 hours to set or ready to be served.

My observations/notes :

– can add more condensed milk as per level of sweetness

– can use zip-lock back and a rolling pin to crush the biscuits

– can also use fruits or glaze instead of chocolate shavings

– whip cream immediately after taking out from the fridge and do not over-whip


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