On this Valentine’s day, make your sweetheart or kids feel special by creating this decadent, tempting, scrumptious No bake Oreo Chocolate Strawberry Tart. It is an easy peasy quick dessert which can be done not only on valentine’s day but for any special occasion.

I came across a good recipe here and thought to give it a try. I loved the idea of strawberry and chocolate combined – it’s finger-licking mouthwatering glory.

The base of the tart is whole oreos crushed, topped with chocolate ganache, decorated with fresh strawberries; takes few minutes to put everything together. Lo and behold! you have an amazing dessert to impress upon.

The key here is to use bittersweet chocolate so that the chocolate tart sets properly.

This is how I made; I crushed around 30 oreos in a ziplock bag with the rolling pin; used 70% Lindt brand bittersweet chocolate and ‘Milka’ brand milk chocolate. Used a springform pan for easy removal. Just before serving, garnished with chopped pistachios, almond flakes, little silver balls and made white chocolate hearts by melting chocolate and shaping it. My tart was delicious, had amazing balance of sweetness and was set right.

Quick and easy No bake tart with the crunchiness of oreo, soft and smoothness of the chocolate with fresh strawberries and pistachios makes it a finger-licking mouthwatering dessert.


330 gms Oreo cookies
110 gms melted butter

200 gms milk chocolate
100 gms bittersweet chocolate
200 ml heavy cream

fresh strawberries and nuts to garnish


Chop the chocolates and keep it in a bowl. Reserve.

Crush the whole oreo cookies in a food processor or ziplock bag with a rolling pin. Mix it with melted butter. Transfer it to a greased 8” inch cake tin/tart tin or springform pan. Press this mixture into the base of the pan and level it smoothly. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Place cream in a sauce-pan on low to medium heat for few minutes only to get it hot; do not allow it to boil. Pour over the chopped chocolates and allow it to dissolve for 2 minutes. Stir gently.

Now, pour the chocolate filling to the oreo base and freeze overnight.

Just before serving, garnish the tart with fresh strawberries and nuts.  Refrigerate for 10 minutes more. The tart tastes best at room temperature.

My observation/notes:

– Can use any fruits of your choice.
– It is important to use bittersweet chocolate for the tart to set.
– If using a cake tin, line it with cling film wrap leaving extra edges on the side to get a grip while transferring.



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