Mutton Do Pyaza  (Mutton cooked twice in onions) is a delicious Indian recipe cooked with plenty of onions – star ingredient of this dish. The first stage of onions are caramelized and the second is cooked along with the meat. The juice and moisture of the meat is retained and becomes tender by slow-cooking process. Bold, rustic and flavoursome with fragrant spices makes this a lip-smacking one. Enjoyed best with naan, bread or rotis. It goes as a side-dish with rice too.

Spicy slow-cooked meat along with onion and aromatic spices, with the unique sweetness from caramelized onions – a perfect dish to be relished for!

Prep time : 15 mins, Cooking time : 45 mins, Serves 4, Cuisine : Indian, Author : Gloria


500 gms meat (goat/lamb)

1 big onion or 2 medium sized onions (finely sliced)

hot water

salt to taste


To grind together

1 medium sized onion

4 big garlic flakes

½” ginger chopped

1 brown cardamom

1 cassia bark stick

7 whole red chillies

½ tbsp whole coriander seeds

½ tsp turmeric powder

To prep:

Cut into even sized pieces and clean the meat well. Keep aside.

Using a mixer grinder or electric blender, grind all ingredients listed in the “to grind together” section into a fine smooth paste. Keep aside to be used later.*


Heat oil in a kadai/wok/saucepot on medium-low heat; add sliced onion and fry until it reaches golden brown in colour. With the help of a slotted spoon, transfer and reserve.

Into the same vessel, add the ground masala paste* and fry well without burning; stirring constantly on low-medium heat till it is cooked, thickened and oil releases at the edges.

Now, add meat and continue frying constantly for 10 minutes. Add salt and enough hot water.

Slow-cook meat till tender and gravy thickened.

At the final stage, add the reserved fried onion. Stir to mix nicely. Adjust seasoning, if required.

My observations/notes:

  • after cleaning meat, can marinate with salt and ¼ tsp turmeric if needed (optional)
  • adjust the chilly heat as per your tolerance level

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