Recipes – ALOO BAIGAN (potato aubergine medley)

While skimming through my recipe diary, I came across this wonderful recipe which flashed back sweet memories of meeting wonderful people and sharing with me their recipes. I love Punjabi food and there is no doubt to that. My friend’s ma cooks excellent Punjabi dishes and this is one of her recipes which I am sharing today.

Aloo Baigan is a classic North Indian recipe with the combination of two vegetables – potato (aloo) and brinjal (baigan). It’s fast to cook dry preparation dish. Very easy, simple, delicious and has a touch of spices available in your kitchen. Hugely enjoyed with Indian flatbread (roti), pulkas or any bread of your choice.

Fresh brinjal/eggplant/aubergine cooked with potatoes and sauteed with a delicate blend of spices.


prep time : 5 mins, cooking time : 10 mins, serves : 4, cuisine : punjabi


6 medium sized aubergine/eggplant/brinjal (baigan)

3 medium sized potato

1/4 tsp cumin seeds

pinch of asafetida (hing)

1/2 tsp turmeric/haldi

1 tsp chilly powder / cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp coriander powder

1/2 tsp amchur powder (dried mango powder)

1 tsp garam masala powder

salt to taste

oil (preferably mustard oil)

coriander leaver/parsley leaves to garnish


Clean/cut/slice the vegetables vertically. Place it in separate bowls, adding enough water and little salt. Let it sit for sometime.

Take a skillet pan/kadai, tip in oil – keeping the flame to medium. When the oil heats up, add asafetida/hing, cumin seeds. Saute for few seconds.

Add the potatoes, salt and turmeric. Cover and cook, stirring in between. Once it is 70% cooked add the brinjals, allowing it to cook for 4-5 mins.

Now, add the spice powders except the garam masala and the amchur powders. Combine it with the vegetables gently.

Simmer and cook covered for few minutes, stirring occasionally. When done, sprinkle garam masala and amchur powders.

Mix well. Do a taste-test and adjust spices/salt accordingly. Switch off heat. Garnish and serve with love.

My observations / notes:

– Do not add water, the vegetables will cook on its own moisture

– can add lemon juice instead of amchur powder


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